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The two wear moncler jackets journalists is a reporter on the rich professional experience, they were buy moncler coats in broad daylight, in less than two hours later, in the total 12 km east of a patrol found by the moncler online store.The cause of the two people situation has caused many doubt and guess.
It was reported that the two journalists who had just had an interview with quetta, "o" jawad national liberation movement (MNLA, tuareg rebels) on behalf of the berry, Daniel agger, lisa, he saw two men tied frame.According to his narrative, said the kidnappers tower horses chuck, namely the tuareg family of languages.And witnesses said heard French journalist said to the kidnappers, "first you want money negotiable, put our".
But people also suspect haunts in the region of "al qaeda islamic maghreb" (AQMI) is involved in the case.November 4, the French media proposed carve-up inequality between the two armed groups set off: French for getting four French hostages released, is said to have paid 20 million euros for ransom.4 hostages on October 30, returned to moncler.Specializes in Africa figure o reg family groups of experts andrei Boolean Joe said: "in 'al qaeda islamic maghreb' internal if anyone feel cheated money? It's not impossible."In addition, whether the kidnapping gangs in order to evade capture the French army and the two journalists executed?All this has yet to be checked.
Though the judges Hector Field Jacket Moncler of the prix goncourt through 12 rounds of voting to reach an agreement, but because the flamel, calls for the highest prize in recent weeks, so the comment is generally accepted that he won the prize is deserved.Goncourt prize jury that flamel of this novel successfully seized the ongoing war terror, even though the battlefield is clean.The panel also praised the film narrative style of the novel.
Before goncourt prize Men's Moncler Sebastian Quilted Down Jacket Black,lemay has always been a crime novelist, so this is also a serious goncourt prize awarded for the first time a commercial type debut novel writer, and the "heaven" and the first since the flamel, engaged in writing a crime novel.Flamel, a 62 - year - old crime novel in moncler's famous for, his novel has been translated into more than 20 languages throughout the world, has also been published in Taiwan traditional Chinese version.In this year, his novel "alex" English benban crime fiction's highest honor dagger award.
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